(Function:Beauty Products Type:Thoroughbred Placenta )
  • Organic Beauty Products Wholesale APT1000 Japanese Thoroughbred Blood Horse Placenta
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  • Function:Beauty Products
  • Type:Thoroughbred Placenta
  • Place Of Origin:Japan
  • Brand Name:Japanese Thoroughbred Placenta
  • Model Number:Placenta Capsule/24
  • Dosage Form:Capsules
Contains only 100% pure Japanese thoroughbred placenta powder
60 or 30 capsule box
Hard capsule (made from pork gelatin)

Organic Beauty Products Wholesale APT1000 Japanese Thoroughbred Blood Horse Placenta


The ultimate supplement, containing a lavish 200mg of

nothing but 100% pure Japanese thoroughbred placenta

powder per capsule.


 Function  : Beauty product
 Features  : Contains only 100% pure Japanese thoroughbred placenta powder
 Quantity   : 60 capsule box (200mg×30 capsules×2 pouches),

                      30 capsule box (200mg×30 capsules×1 pouch)
 Formulation  : Hard capsule   *Capsules are made from pork gelatin.                        
 OEM        : Available; please contact us.



 Only Japanese thoroughbreds are used 
We insist only on Japanese thoroughbreds due to the high degree of safety.

Generation after generation of impeccable wellness management results in the inheritance 

of genes for physical perfection, delivering security that comes with a pedigree.

This management system rises to a whole new, elite level, guaranteeing safety.


 Contains only Japanese thoroughbred placenta powder 

Capsules are filled only with Japanese thoroughbred placenta powder.

Typical products also include other inexpensive ingredients in addition to placenta powder

to reduce cost. For the experience of genuine placenta power, APT1000 capsules contain

only Japanese thoroughbred placenta.





 Meticulous production process preserves purity 
There are two methods of drying placenta in order to produce powder.

The first is freeze drying.  This process can produce 100% pure placenta powder,

but it is expensive.The second method is spray drying.

This process is low cost, but the need for a dilution agent such as dextrin means purity

cannot be maintained. Though it is higher cost, we use a freeze drying production process 

in order to deliver 100% purity.



 Five layer sheeting 

Once placenta powder has been dried, it can easily become moist or oxidized.
To guarantee stability, we have implemented a means of maintaining the quality

of the sheeting that the capsules are packed within.
Typical health food products use two layers of sheeting.
APT1000 uses a five layer sheeting system often used for medicinal products.
The delicate placenta powder is protected from humidity and oxidization,

preserving the high quality of the product.



 Pork gelatin capsules 

To deliver the thoroughbred placenta experience with no loss of effectiveness,

the capsules are composed of easily digestible pork gelatin.




 Limited, precious ingredient 
Only roughly 7,000 Japanese thoroughbreds are born each year.
The single placenta obtained from a birth weighs approximately 7kg.

Only a mere four to five percent of this can be made into powder.
For this reason, thoroughbred placenta is extremely expensive and rare.



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